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Fondue set

Fondue set

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An exclusive product for special moments in your home

Fondue is the Swiss national cheese specialty prepared on the table, before the family and guests.
With the fondue set, the food nearly makes itself so that you will have a plenty of time to dedicate yourself to all dear friends. Making fondue is a pleasure enjoyed by he guests of the most exclusive restaurants and hotels of the world

Zepter Fondue set adds a touch of the traditional Swiss cuisine

With Zepter Fondue set you can prepare various kinds of fondue as you wish: cheese, chocolate, meat...
Zepter Fondue set consists of:
•     A dish stand (holder).
•     A spirit burner.
•     Specially shaped lid for putting the forks away.
•     8 forks with long handles.

Product Advantages

Fully accessorised to cook straight from your table

•     A superior quality of material and make.
•     No special heating plate is required; the Zepter dish goes onto the solid stand.
•     The little spirit burner is the one heat source.
•     Cost effective, no power or gas is spent.
•     The attractive design is the work of Italian designers.

Product Benefits

Simple and attractive

•     You can use the Zepter pots with diameters 16 or 20 cm to prepare the fondue you like the best.
•     The accuthermal bottom of the Zepter pot enables a quick and even heating of the fondue.
•     The accuthermal bottom quickly absorbs the heat and retains it long so that fondue will remain warm long after it was prepared.
•     The preparation is quick and the pleasure lasts long.

A true joy for those who pursue the secrets of world cuisines.



Fondue Valdostana

6 servings

500 g of fontine cheese (or similar hard cheese)
1.5 dl Milk (or more according to taste)
500 g Butter
1 White truffle (optional)
Ground white pepper
Diced bread

Dice the cheese, whisk the butter well and add the egg yolks one at a time – Zepter MixSy will come in really handy. Heat the cheese and the milk in the fondue dish until all the cheese melts. Stir with a wooden spoon. Slowly pour the mixture of the yolks and the butter into the melted cheese mélange. Add the salt and pepper and position onto the heater stand. Optionally grate the truffle into the ready mixture and serve with the bread cubes.