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Magic Harmony

Magic Harmony


The great legends always return

Classic shapes, elegance and style, practicality and easy maintenance have made the Magic Harmony Glass Collection a great success and enhanced the worldwide reputation of the Zepter International Home Art brand.
Now this innovative product is back in the limelight, even more beautiful and enriched with new advantages. Magic Harmony unites elemental characteristics, the pure perfection of crystal, the character of steel and the opulence of fine pure gold, with an increased quality in performance and material but with the same ingenious worldwide patented click system that harmonises crystal and steel.

Beauty meets innovation

Masterpiece Collection - Magic Harmony
Masterpiece Collection - Magic Harmony

The fascinating characteristics of the previous Magic Harmony line are now exalted by new concepts in both structure and material. The new goblets have an integrated pod in a unique moulded piece within the chalice and no plastic details where the goblet and stem join.
This means that the glass can boast a higher intrinsic value and a better solidity and resilience. The chalices with the stem have the ideal coaxial symmetry, the aesthetic is one of balance and proportion. The drinking experience is one of perfection. The innovative one-piece structure makes these products even more luxurious and splendid looking, both in-hand and on your table.

Elegant for all occasions

A knowledge and appreciation of the finer things in life is known as taste, and good taste is something we all appreciate. With Magic Harmony you can bring good taste to any wine or champagne. By combining the different forms of glasses you bring an indefinable sophistication to your table and make an everyday occasion a celebration.

Product Advantages

A transparent pureness

The new goblets are made of crystalline glass, a better, more ecological and limescale-resistant league of crystal alloy. It is lead-free and has the same resonance, resilience and transparency as crystal, but lighter in weight. The form of the goblet has been refined to perfect the feel and weight in-hand, and the encapsulation of flavour and character of the drink.

Masterpiece Collection - Magic Harmony
Masterpiece Collection - Magic Harmony


Sodium oxide + Calcium
Barium oxide


A sophisticated bond

A crystal glass goblet attaches to a stainless steel or fine gold-plated base with a simple click thanks to the sophisticated lock-on mechanism, patented worldwide by Zepter.
This sophisticated mechanism matches the delicacy, transparency and elegance of glass with the simplicity, durability and sturdiness of stainless steel. The stems can be matched to all sets of goblets and are available in either the elemental natural steel colour or in the colour of gold to give an opulent aesthetic to your drinking glass.

Product Benefits

Handy and resilient

Resistant when attached, resilient when dismantled in two pieces: Magic Harmony glasses can be easily washed in the dishwasher, taking up little space with less risk of being broken. Once the stems have been removed from the upper crystal part, the goblets can be placed into the glass rack and the stems in the cutlery section.

The magic Harmony collection comes in two different stem finishing: FINE GOLD PLATED and STAINLESS STEEL.

Masterpiece Collection - Magic Harmony
Masterpiece Collection - Magic Harmony

Magic Harmony Fine Gold Plated

Magic Harmony Stainless Steel Plated