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Zepter Home Care

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AqueenaPro is a highly technologically advanced filtering system, designed around the most effective filtration process: Reverse Osmosis. Being equipped with a 5 stage filtration system, it ensures maximal purification of the water, by effectively removing all dangerous contaminants making it pure and healthy to drink. Fully automatized and practical, it represents the best economical solution for your daily healthy water supply for home and office use. Zepter International, known for its strict quality control standards, uses the latest technology and rigorous testing, as well as international certification to ensure the high level of safety and efficiency of AqueenaPro for positive health benefits.


•  Double water recovery rate (42%) in comparison to competition!
•  Hermetically closed inbuilt tank (9.5l)
•  New generation of filters
•  Filter change alarm, which indicates when the filter needs to be replaced!
•  Control & Filter Status Display
•  Computer control box, which automatically adjusts and controls
•  AqueenaPro’s working process.
•  New generation RO membrane integrated with the membrane housing to prevent tampering.
•  Leakage sensor, to detect device leakage; it secures the user`s property and avoids damages caused by leaks.
•  New generation high pressure pump, which creates a stable environment for the RO membrane and gives superb performance.
•  Combined solenoid valve, to flush the RO membrane automatically and control waste water flow.
•  One-way flow valve, to prevent water backflow.
•  Eco Design certificate - low energy consumption

About Health


The body of an average adult consists of 35 - 50 liters of water. Water is essential to all living organisms. The main component of the human body is water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, while the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, the muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%.

Water has the excellent ability to dissolve a multitude of substances, to deliver oxygen to the cells, to regulate body temperature, to help the metabolism process. Babies have a higher percentage of water in the body than adults, but in general the human body is 70% water.

To sustain life functions and good health, an adult needs to drink 2 to 3 litres of water each day.

Drinking enough clean water will:

1. Improve mental performance

The brain tissue is composed of 73% water, which is needed to manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters.
Clinical tests have proven that drinking the right amount of pure water will improve memory performance and lengthen concentration span.

2. Help to prevent critical ailments

Water which is a naturally present element in our bodies, has the power to protect our health. Conditions like heartburn, arthritis, back pain, migraines, colitis, asthma, high cholesterol and high blood pressure can be prevented and their risk can be suppressed by drinking enough pure, healthy water. Prevention is everything - so be aware of the quality of your drinking water

3. Keep you in shape

Water is a proven appetite suppressant that will also speed up your metabolism without any calories. Studies have shown that after drinking just 2 glasses of water, it will take around 30 minutes before your metabolism is kick-started into burning calories at a 30% faster rate!

4. Wash away cavities

Our saliva is 99% water and without it dental enamel would become demineralised and porous, bacteria would spread undisturbed and cause cavities due to the increased production of acids. Water neutralises the acids, so drink enough pure water and keep your smile beautiful.

Each day we must consume a certain amount of water to survive - so choose clean, healthy, drinking water, for a better life and everlasting happiness!

Source: December 2003 issue of “The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism

Is the tap water we drink safe? Mostly not.

There are many “regulated” contaminants and even more unregulated toxins present in tap water. Tap water is often purified by adding disinfection solvents such as chloride and other chemicals which end up in our bodies, like arsenic, lead cadmium, fluoride or bacteria, yeasts and viruses.

The “purified” tap water that reaches our homes is often full of iron compounds, because the water travels through old corroded underground pipes and all of that rust reaches the water we usually drink and use in the household. The long exposure to such chemicals leads to skin damage, problems with the circulatory system, increased risk of getting cancer, kidney problems, high blood pressure and other serious health conditions.

Is the bottled water we drink safe? Probably not.

The biggest concerns are the water bottles that contain BPA (Bisphenol A), which is a toxic chemical categorised as an endocrine disruptor, affecting the normal hormone levels in our body.

Even if the material were not a cause of worry, the fact that this industry is not strictly regulated and not obliged to mention the water source on the labels, should be. Some bottled water comes from pristine sources, but a huge percentage simply comes from the municipal supply. More often than not, we choose bottled water because we think that there are no other options. But this solution is expensive and very inconvenient. When we decide for bottled water to be our drinking-water source, we choose to carry hundreds of heavy bottles which are disposed when emptied, adding to already heavy environmental contamination.

Despite the inconvenience and high cost of our bottled-water investment we can’t be sure that what’s inside the bottle is actually of quality.
Why buy expensive bottled water and put your health at risk?

Is the filtered water we drink safe? Mostly yes.

The market today offers a wide range of with filters that vary widely in quality, design, efficiency and price. Many systems, although pricey, lack the necessary certification, quality control or safety features. They are missing scientific data reports on water purifying efficiency, posing a real threat to our health and well-being.

Filtered water may well be the best, healthiest and cheapest solution if you find the right water filtering system.

Think twice before drinking another glass of water – take the smart decision!


We do not compromise with health and safety! AqueenaPro is the most advanced water purification system. It brings the joy of clean water to everybody: to those who care about their health, to those who appreciate the taste of clean water and want it always readily available at home, to those who realize how important a clean environment is but also to those who are eager to save on their drinking water expenses.

Source: (

Product Advantages 


Stage 1:

5-micron PP filter

Effectively removes larger particles, like rust and sand, as well as other solid impurities from the water.

Stage 2:

Pellet Carbon filter

Absorbs free chlorine, organic matter, odours, discolouration and other substances from the water.

Stage 3:

1-micron PP filter

Filters particles of a smaller size, such as suspended solids and colloids.

Stage 4:

Reverse osmosis membrane

Removes bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, like lead, cadmium, mercury, pesticide residues 2,4,6-Trichlorophenol, nitrite compounds and other harmful substances.

Stage 5:

Coconut post-filter

Improves odour and adjusts taste.


Hermetically sealed inbuilt water tank (9.5l)

Offers protection against secondary contamination, while the inbuilt water tank makes AqueenaPro a smart, space-saving water purifier. The 9.5l water tank reduces the time needed to reach the purification process point, making healthy drinking water available at any moment.

High pressure pump

The high pressure water pump with combined water inlet solenoid valve stabilises the environment for the reverse osmosis membrane, delivering up to date, leading efficiency in water purifying.


•  Leakage sensor: Detects any leakage that might occur, protecting and preventing possible flooding.
•  Combined solenoid valve: Triggers the auto-flush process that is responsible for maintaining the RO membrane in good condition.
•  Water inlet solenoid valve: Controls inlet water pressure, ensuring a safe and smart operating process.
•  One-way flow valve: Supports the high efficiency of the filtration process due to unidirectional flow in AqueenaPro.


The smart, space-saving design of AqueenaPro makes it a necessary part of every modern kitchen. It easily fits beneath the kitchen sink, becoming an endless source of life-giving fluid: clean water.

We use water not only for drinking but also for rinsing and washing food, preparing tasty meals and juices and making baby formulas. When preparing tea or coffee with clean water we will discover the incredibly improved taste and an aroma so intense we didn't thought possible. We will no longer have any problem with deposits on the water cooker and coffee machine. Thanks to pure water, they will stay as clean as new for a very long time.

Clean water not only improves the quality of our meals and drinks, it also takes care of our health becoming an important part of our everyday lives.

Product Benefits

With AqueenaPro you have healthy clean water whenever you need it; you can improve health conditions and the appearance of the body; you can cook healthier meals and enjoy better tasting coffee or tea.

Saves you time on frequent shopping trips to buy bottled water.

Saves you money - no more bottled water, inefficient filtration systems and no more high energy bills.

Protect your health against pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, lead or heavy metals and unhealthy plastic bottled water.

AqueenaPro, saves you TIME, MONEY and protects your HEALTH!

Make the smart life investment and increase your life performance.

Installation and Repair Guide

Product installation

1. The AquuenaPro is a water filtration system for home use. Any use outside the indoor home environment and for purpose other than purifying
    water for household use will automatically void your warranty.
2. The AqueenaPro should not be used on feed water that is microbiologically unsafe or unknown microbiological quality without disinfecting the water before using the device.
3. Cold water plumbing – AqueenaPro must be connected to cold water pipe. If the hot water (>38°C) as water source will be used, it will cause
    permanent damages to RO membrane and severely degrades the product
4. Plumbing and carpentering work is needed.
5. Ensure, whether the main water supply is turned off before any plumbing work is stared!

Pre-Installation Preparations

To secure correct functionality and to keep long life time of the water purifier AqueenaPro, the place for the main unit should be consider and precisely chosen in prior, following recommendation should be followed:

Recommended side preparation

•  Mains connection not more than 1.5 m from the point of installation of AqueenaPro
•  Water supply not more than 3 m away
•  Drain for rejected water not more than 3 m away
•  Space as per dimensions of the AqueenaPro
•  It is preferable to install the AqueenaPro near a sink so that inlet and reject water lines are easily available
•  Avoid sharp bends in the pipe. Do not bend or block the rejected water tube
•  Do not confine the AqueenaPro in a tight cabinet.


Each unit is equipped with “dummy” plugs, which must be removed before installation.

Quick connectors

All external and internal water connections are done using flexible tubing and quick connect fittings. As an additional safety features all connections are secured with safety locking clips that make it impossible to accidentally remove any tubing.

Tube connection

To be able connect the tube correctly in to the quick connector; the ends must be straight and smooth. Do not cut the tube under the angel!

To connect tube in to the quick connector, follow next steps:

1. Remove the locking clip
2. Put the tube inside
3. Secure it by locking clip.

To disconnect the tube from the quick connector follow next steps:

1. Remove the locking clip
2. Slightly pull out the collet
3. Pull the tube out

Inlet water tube installation

Familiarize yourself with connectors on the back side of the unit before installation! Ensure that tubes are connected correctly after work is done!

Note! Check size of pipe/hose of the customer before installation.

As a standard accessories AqueenaPro has 1/2` inline feed water connector. If pipes/hose has differentdiameter, adequate reduction must be applied/purchased.

Note! Teflon tape must be applied to all connections.

1. Close the main house inlet water source.
2. Disconnect inlet water pipe/tube.

3. Assembly inline feed water connector and connect the tube/pipe to the connector.

4. Connect white tube to the feed water connector. Unscrew the nut from the connector, put it on the white tube, connect the tube and secure it by
    the nut.

5. Connect the tube in to INLET WATER connector.

Waste water pipe installation

1. Remove the clamp drain from the accessories bag.
2. Drill 7 mm hole in the drain pipe under the  
3. Connect the white tube in to upper part of
    the clamp and tighten it with the nut.
4. Ensure that tube is inserted correctly in to pipe (see pictures below), assembly the clamp to the pipe and secure it with screws.
5. Connect the tube in to CONC. WATER connector.

Pure water faucet installation

1. Choose a place in the sink or kitchen counter where the pure water faucet should be installed.Note! Certain space should be left between the hole
    and wall or edge of the sink. Do not forget that the faucet must be accessible from the bottom of the sink as well.
2. Drill an Ø 14 mm hole on the chosen spot.

3. Remove the pure water faucet from the accessories bag. Unscrew washers from the faucet.
4. Place the faucet in to its position and secure by nuts from the bottom of the sink. Do not forget apply the washers on the
5. Connect white tube to the pure water faucet from the bottom of the sink.Before the tube will be inserted in to the faucet apply the protection
    against leakage according photos below.
6. Other end of the tube connects to PURE WATER connector.
Note! The pure water faucet can be mounted on the wall. Use the wall fixture as holder for the faucet.